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A Lotto Murder

20-year old Craigory Burch Jr was a forklift operator in a small town called Fitzgerald, in southern Georgia, USA. One moment he was going about his normal life and the next, he was a Fantasy 5 jackpot winner. A dream come true for many, Burch won $434 272 in November 2015 and posed with an oversized check and an even bigger smile. “My right eye and hand had jumped for the past two weeks,” Burch said, “I knew that I would come into some money.”


After he won he told the organizers that he “couldn’t believe it” and was still feeling stunned and overwhelmed. However, he immediately used some of his lottery winnings to buy Christmas presents for those in need. Tragically, Burch didn’t get to see the rest as just two months after winning he found himself standing in his own home facing armed men.


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On January 21st 2016, three men shot open the door to his home and demanded money. His girlfriend, Jasmine Hendricks, said that he was holding his two year old daughter and pleaded with them to not shoot him in front of his daughter and girlfriend, offering to give them his wallet and bank card if they would just leave. He apparently threw his pants to them but the robbers couldn’t find his wallet and fatally shot him.


A neighbour, who chose to remain anonymous, was reportedly arriving home from work when she saw Hendricks. Hendricks knocked on her car window and asked to be let in, saying, “They just busted into my house and they shot my boyfriend.”


The neighbour drove down the road and dialled 911. Shortly after, she took Hendricks and the two children to a nearby store for safety.


After a month of investigating, authorities in Georgia arrested a total of six people involved in his murder, with a seventh – 28 year old Nathaniel Baker – already being held in another prison. The six arrested suspects were Keyana Dyous, 24; Earnest Holcomb, 27; Anjavell Johnson, 21; Rosalyn Swain, 22; Wayan Jordan, 17; and Dabrentis Overstreen, 19.


Investigators said that Burch’s murder was no accident and that he was definitely a “pre-selected target.”


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All the suspects faced charges of murder, aggravated assault, armed robbery and possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime. In the end only Overstreet was charged with murder whilst the rest were charged with the abovementioned.


Burch’s mother, Leslie Collins, said, “I want them to know what they took from me. They took a part of my life away from me. My child, that I carried and raised for 20 years.”


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